Thursday, December 22, 2005

I almost forgot...

OH, I totally forgot to tell you about our ceiling. Long about Dec 22nd, I came home from work and noticed a strange wet spot on our carpet. Just as I pointed it out to Ron I looked up to see a 6 foot by 3 foot section of our ceiling bowing (I mean like three inches from where it should be) and dripping. We hurriedly emptied our room – its amazing how fast you can move a piano, bed and room full of books when a flood is threatening – and called the apt mgr. Seriously, it wasn’t 30 min from when I first noticed it until that whole section of ceiling FELL DOWN. This is when you’re so glad that you rent! We stayed the night in a hotel down the street and they cleaned it up. Unfortunately, the repair was awfully complicated. We ended up sleeping in our living room for a month!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Ron loves Christmas lights (here’s where he chimes in and says, “Did you know my first word was light?” Now you know.) Our Christmas season started somewhere around Nov 15 because he couldn’t wait any longer to put up the lights. But, after 6 weeks of nonstop Christmas fun, 3 Christmas mornings and a 72 hour, multi state celebration....this year, I think we both actually hit the wall with Christmas. It was fun…but a little much.


Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Late November

Went to Mutiny Bay (Whidbey Island, WA) for Thanksgiving with the Scansens & Christiansens. We had a blast. Ate a giant meal. Enjoyed the gorgeous views.

Monday, November 21, 2005


We threw a themed party for my dad's 53rd birthday. After all the themed parties he threw for me (Olympics, Marshmallows, 50's, the list goes on) was the least we could do. A Charlie & the Chocolate Factory theme was topped off with a night of drowning ourselves in a chocolate fountain. It was soooo good. And I felt soooo sick that night!


Friday, October 21, 2005


We ran the marathon! I was so nervous about the state of my injured knee...but I made it! I finished with a time of 5:20. Ron finished at 3:30 - he hit just under the 8 minute mile mark. I ran with Rick (Ron's dad) and he finished too. That was really fun. Ron's training to qualify for Boston this year. I am not.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Ron got a new job. He works for Chicago Title as a Lender Representative. He loves it...and they love him. He works with all women and I work with all men. We laugh at our co-workers a lot. Check him out:


Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Labor Day

Ron and I are in the final days of training for a marathon. Let's just say that Labor Day was aptly named.

We were in Seattle doing our laundry, attending a wedding reception for Ron's aunt Joan and visiting with all 4 of our parents.

We stayed over until Monday and did our 15/16 mile run on the Burke-Gilman trail. What a beautiful trail (photo compliments of website).

My knee has been giving me trouble since the last time I ran 15 miles. I've been doing all training for the last 6 weeks on treadmills and elliptical machines in the gym. So, this 15 miles was significant. Ron was sick right before our vacation, so he's been away from training for a while. This was his first 16 miles since before sickness. Thankfully, the only injury of the day was our sunburn.

We came home (Christiansen's house) to a fantastic BBQ of teriyaki chicken. It's amazing how much food a 5'2" person can put away after running 15 miles .

Driving to Portland was a little challenging, given the exhaustion of the run...but Ron stepped up to the task and we arrived safely in record time (without breaking the law).

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Laundry is Exciting

Laundry is perhaps the largest source of marital strife in the Davis household. The situation is caused by an extremely small washer/dryer that was born before either of us. In addition, I've still not fully adjusted to the size difference in our clothes. I could squeeze 4 pairs of my jeans in there...why not 4 pairs of his? Or all 8 for that matter?! Being an Achiever, I attempt to accomplish as much laundry in a single load as is possible. This causes the washing machine to jump up and walk out the front door.

At this point, I am generally banished from the appliances...which means I have increased folding responsibilities. I dutifully fold Ron's 67 pairs of socks and I get a little bored matching up each and every one. So, the next day, Ron goes puts on his socks and he finds a tall tube sock matched with a pink ankle sock. I am an utter laundry failure.

You now understand our genuine joy and excitement at my parents' offer to use their full size washer and dryer! Conservatively, we estimate that we accomplished 8 of "our" loads in 3 loads. We were elated. This gave us both the energy to properly match socks, thereby illeviating future marital tension.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Friends Are Back In Town

Since the last post, we've gained 4 old friends in our town! Andrea moved back from a 3 year journey to Goshen, Indiana. She's working at Warner Pacific and living (temporarily anyways) just up the hill! We've enjoyed evening walks and impromptu visits. Phillip and Emily (Trina's brother and his fiancee) moved back to Fox and will now be within running distance. Okay, not exactly, but we'll make a weekly trip to Newberg and run there. Close enough. Then, (drumroll please)...Aaron Gapasin returned from 27 months living in Bolivia serving in the Peace Corps! He is full of interesting stories. We're excited he is home.

In between all these homecomings, Ron went on a fishing trip with his dad (and Matt Goodwin). They didn't have luck in the sea, but the father son bonding seems to have been successful.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Family Day!

We went to Seattle for the Christiansen "Family Day" picnic. It was at this picnic in the Cascade mountains that Ron & I got engaged a year ago! We start the day with donuts, sustain ourselves with hamburgers and chips, then finish it off with homemade desserts. Fortunately, there is some exercise involved - swimming in the Skykomish river and...the games. The highlight of the day was one of the games (each family brings a game) that involved my dad and two uncles being clothed with black garbage sacks and having their faces coated with Cool Whip. Their respective families took turns throwing Cheetos at them. The person with the most Cheetos stuck to their face when the buzzer dinged, won! My dad and our family won. We were VERY proud of ourselves =). You've got to hand it to this Christiansen family crowd - they know how to have fun!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


The next morning (if you can call 1pm morning) was filled with unpacking, washing clothes, cleaning out our bookshelves and a short run. Falling asleep nine hours after getting up was a little difficult. Now comes the challenge of getting settled back into work, excercise and weaning ourselves off our Twix/KitKat/Licorice diet.

Upcoming highlights will be Phillip & Em moving back to Portland for the new school year, 4 friends' weddings in the next two months and the return of Ron's best friend Aaron from 27 months of service in Bolivia (Peace Corps).

Monday, August 15, 2005

Drive, Drive, Drive

The greatest challenge still lay ahead. The 16 hour drive from Loma Linda to Portland. Ahead of time, we decided we’d rather push ourselves through one long day, then have a day at home to recover before going back to work.

16 hours of fun began a little later than expected at 11am. The late night talking necessitated a little extra sleep. Trina drove through LA and the Grapevine. Ron took over after lunch at IN-N-OUT BURGER (so good!) and drove for the next 11 hours. His driving was punctuated by a 30 min wait at Taco Bell for one burrito. Frustration can be a great asset when trying to stay alert. To everyone’s great surprise, it was Trina who was awake and ready to take the wheel in Eugene at 1:45am! Thank you Diet Dr. Pepper. We pulled in at 3:30am, grateful for the safe conclusion of a fun trip. For the record, Ron & Trina actually talked the entire 16 hour journey.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Desperado & Loma Linda

Next stop, Desperado roller coaster. Fortunately, the legendary roller coaster is on the way to Loma Linda, California where we visited Kristiane (maid of honor in our wedding and star medical student). The roller coaster really was as intense as it was predicted – 3 minutes long and very fast. The 100+ degree heat of Las Vegas was accentuated by the 90 mph speed of the coaster, which hits a high point 16 stories above the ground. Unfortunately, that was the end of speeding. The drive to Loma Linda averaged about 30mph, thanks to Sunday afternoon traffic and a freak hailstorm. It is really bizarre to see hail in 100 degree weather. A warm welcome by Kristiane ended the rough drive. We headed to Aaron, Jessi & Ryan’s apartment for dinner & games. To no one’s great surprise, Kristiane & I then talked late into the night.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

A Dam, Wedding

Saturday morning the Davis' and the Davis' made a trip to Hoover Dam. Rick, Ann, Ron & Trina made the 30 min drive to see the massive concrete structure. Since Ron gets excited about big parking garages, you can imagine his feelings about Hoover Dam! We returned in time to get cleaned up for Joan’s wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony held outdoors and followed by a cocktail hour, then seated dinner & dancing. After a lot of dancing, we did a midnight dip in the outdoor hottub and enjoyed the warm evening. We were so sad at the thought of leaving Sunday morning – we loved the Ranch and time with the family.

PS - I think my title is very clever =).

Friday, August 12, 2005

Viva Las Vegas!

Friday's destination was Las Vegas. We were told it would take us anywhere from four to nine hours to make the 400+ mile trip. Seven hours was our lucky number and we pulled into the Green Valley Ranch & Resort just in time to take a real shower and hop in the Hummer limo that would take us to Joan's rehearsal dinner! The resort was beautiful, and the company was fantastic. It was my (Trina) first time meeting Ron's aunt Joan and we hit it off right away. Dinner was at an Irish pub in the New York New York casino on the strip. Great dinner, fun ride home. A stroll (or powerwalk, depending on definition) down the strip filled the rest of the evening. Sights of Mandalay Bay, Luxor, Excalibur, New York New York, Paris, Aladdin, Bellagio, Venetian, Mirage filled our night.

Thursday, August 11, 2005


This photo couldn't be resisted - Lisa & Trina trying to catch during the Ultimate Pancake competition at Black Butte. Sun, swimming, stargazing in the meadow, walks & talks filled the rest of our Black Butte week. We left early Thursday morning rejuvenated and spoiled. After eight hours of driving through Oregon and Northern California, we arrived in Reno. We passed through many towns, most notably Susansville, which convinced us we're probably not cut out for smalltown life. Reno was...about what we expected. We stayed at Fitzgerald's (a hotel attached to the Reno arch!) for a mere $32/night. Ron got his first glimpse of his potentially compulsive gambling wife when I won big on the penny slots! (Big being $1.00...but, hey, when you're betting 1 cent, that's a big deal!). After an evening of touring the Reno strip, we arrived back at the room, eager to shower away the daylong drive and smoky casinos. Just as we stepped into the shower, we remembered - all water will be turned off from 11:30 until 4:30 for repairs - it was 11:29pm! I don't think I've ever seen Ron move so quickly.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

What a trip!

Our adventure began on Friday evening, August 5th with a drive to Black Butte. We arrived to our excited, screaming family and quickly settled into eating BBQed hamburgers, S'mores and enjoying the company of 13 of our favorite people. The next morning we all arose and spent the day on two rented boats on Lake Billy Chinook. 95 degrees inspired even my mom to jump in the lake! Sunday morning marked the 20th anniversary of Pancakes from the Sky - a hallowed Black Butte tradition that has involved early morning wakeups by video camera, fully choreographed, costumed dance numbers and my uncle pouring pancake batter off of balconies (usually "accidentally" onto my dad's head). Needless to say, it is a sight to behold. Thus, the 20th year was something to be marked! The morning concluded with commemorative T-shirts for all. See the photo of Ron, Trina, Phillip and Emily (Phillip's fiancee for those who don't know Em yet) for a glimpse.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Black Butte and beyond...

As of this Friday, we are off on a road-tripping adventure. For the record, this is my first official "roadtrip" pointed out multiple times by my kind husband. We're heading to Black Butte to join the Christiansens & Scansens for 5 days. Then, we head to the biggest little city in the world (staying in a hotel adjacent to the Reno arch) on our way to Las Vegas. We'll be in Las Vegas with the Davis' for the wedding of Ron's aunt Joan. From Vegas, we'll stop at the Desperado roller coaster (Photo) to relive the 225 foot drop Ron first experienced on the Davis family roller coaster vacation. Next stop, Kristiane in Loma Linda, California. We'll then make the long trek home from Loma Linda (15 hour drive!) in time for two of our best friends to move back into town. Aaron Gapasin and Andrea Cook. More on them later. For now, here's a photo of Lisa, Jossie & I at Lisa's wedding. We'll all be reunited at Black Butte in just a few days!

Monday, August 01, 2005


Poor Ron has been under the weather for over a week now. It all started with a bug bite during his 18 mile run last Sunday. He had an allergic reaction that caused his throat to swell. Contrary to his sensations, I did not have a noose around his neck. Turns out he has an infection. For those of you who aren't as interested in biology, skip down to the red HI. A peritonsillar abscess to be exact. Apparently the swelling in his lymph nodes caused the area near his tonsils to become infected. The strange part is that this is usually caused by complications from strep or a tonsil infection. He's had neither one. Thank goodness for antibiotics - they'll kill one infection or another!

HI. He's on antibiotics now and we're hoping he'll be well in time for our big trip! To inject some humor into this sickly week, I thought I'd offer an awful photo of the two of us. This was one of the bloopers from our engagement photoshoot.

Yes, that was taken the day after I hurled and Ron hadn't had any coffee! This is really a photo worth clicking on to expand - you gotta see it in all its glory!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

It's Friday!

It is Friday of what promises to be a 3-day weekend for us! This weekend marks our 6-month anniversary (both the planned date and the post-icestorm date=) and we get to celebrate with a trip to the beach!

We'll start with a fun evening of rides and dinner at Trina's company picnic. Ironically, it is taking place in her all-time favorite town of Sellwood.

Should be a fun time!

I've now included a photo of Ron & I with my boss' daughter Emma at Oaks Park, and a photo depicting the picnic from my perspective.

Friday, July 15, 2005

It's us!

This is an oldie but a goodie. Our whirlwhind weekend in Seattle after Ron proposed.