Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Ron got a new job. He works for Chicago Title as a Lender Representative. He loves it...and they love him. He works with all women and I work with all men. We laugh at our co-workers a lot. Check him out:


Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Labor Day

Ron and I are in the final days of training for a marathon. Let's just say that Labor Day was aptly named.

We were in Seattle doing our laundry, attending a wedding reception for Ron's aunt Joan and visiting with all 4 of our parents.

We stayed over until Monday and did our 15/16 mile run on the Burke-Gilman trail. What a beautiful trail (photo compliments of website).

My knee has been giving me trouble since the last time I ran 15 miles. I've been doing all training for the last 6 weeks on treadmills and elliptical machines in the gym. So, this 15 miles was significant. Ron was sick right before our vacation, so he's been away from training for a while. This was his first 16 miles since before sickness. Thankfully, the only injury of the day was our sunburn.

We came home (Christiansen's house) to a fantastic BBQ of teriyaki chicken. It's amazing how much food a 5'2" person can put away after running 15 miles .

Driving to Portland was a little challenging, given the exhaustion of the run...but Ron stepped up to the task and we arrived safely in record time (without breaking the law).

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Laundry is Exciting

Laundry is perhaps the largest source of marital strife in the Davis household. The situation is caused by an extremely small washer/dryer that was born before either of us. In addition, I've still not fully adjusted to the size difference in our clothes. I could squeeze 4 pairs of my jeans in there...why not 4 pairs of his? Or all 8 for that matter?! Being an Achiever, I attempt to accomplish as much laundry in a single load as is possible. This causes the washing machine to jump up and walk out the front door.

At this point, I am generally banished from the appliances...which means I have increased folding responsibilities. I dutifully fold Ron's 67 pairs of socks and I get a little bored matching up each and every one. So, the next day, Ron goes puts on his socks and he finds a tall tube sock matched with a pink ankle sock. I am an utter laundry failure.

You now understand our genuine joy and excitement at my parents' offer to use their full size washer and dryer! Conservatively, we estimate that we accomplished 8 of "our" loads in 3 loads. We were elated. This gave us both the energy to properly match socks, thereby illeviating future marital tension.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Friends Are Back In Town

Since the last post, we've gained 4 old friends in our town! Andrea moved back from a 3 year journey to Goshen, Indiana. She's working at Warner Pacific and living (temporarily anyways) just up the hill! We've enjoyed evening walks and impromptu visits. Phillip and Emily (Trina's brother and his fiancee) moved back to Fox and will now be within running distance. Okay, not exactly, but we'll make a weekly trip to Newberg and run there. Close enough. Then, (drumroll please)...Aaron Gapasin returned from 27 months living in Bolivia serving in the Peace Corps! He is full of interesting stories. We're excited he is home.

In between all these homecomings, Ron went on a fishing trip with his dad (and Matt Goodwin). They didn't have luck in the sea, but the father son bonding seems to have been successful.