Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Bekah had her baby!

My childhood friend Bekah gave birth yesterday to Anna Elizabeth. The labor was not too long. Both mother and baby are doing well.

Here's a picture of Bekah and I in our heyday. I can't believe she has her own little girl now!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Back in Business!

At the faithful prodding of my friend Christie, I am bringing our blog back online again. I have been delaying it because it feels so intimidating to catch up to speed on EVERYTHING that has happened since our last post (September 2005). So, start with the post labeled September and read up from there.


Still working. The second show was in San Diego the second weekend of April. It was drop dead gorgeous – 75 and clear skies. I got sunburned the first day. We stayed in a beautiful hotel right on the water and it made for an enjoyable trip. Again, the lube product launch went well, which is always such a relief. Now, I’m back, cleaning up from the shows and catching up on all I’d pushed to the “later” pile. In fact I think this weekend is the first weekend in about three months that we can just relax. We’re planning on seeing Cirque du Soleil on Saturday – it should be a great show.