Thursday, May 25, 2006

On our way!

We're headed to the east coast for a vacation! We leave tomorrow (Friday) morning at 6:40am. We start in Philadelphia, then to upstate NY to visit the Angell family, then to NYC to play in the city, then a brief stopover in New Haven and an evening with Ron's grandma Marta, then into Boston to spend time with our friends Matt & Marilee! So, no blog posts for a while...but when we get back I'll be sure to show you all our adventures.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

New Posts!

So, I don't post regularly, but I do go back every once in a while and post retrospective ones. I put the dates on the posts that the actual events happened. So, go read starting with April 25th forward. Thanks!


Phillip Got Married!

This past Saturday, May 20th, my brother married Emily Jorgensen.

We started the festivities with a bachelor and bachelorette party on Thursday night, followed by a bachelorette brunch on Friday morning. Then a whirlwind day of preparations and rehearsal and dinner. The wedding was beautiful. All the details came together. The wedding was at Esperance Baptist Church in Edmonds and they ended up with a beautiful day (forecast was for rain), so we took many photos outside in the gardens. The reception was at the Nile Country Club a few miles away and it too was great. Emily had told us ahead of time, "my dream would be that the reception would last for three hours, many people would dance and we wouldn't leave until 7:30pm." She got her wish. The dance floor was full and they pulled out at 7:31pm with at least 250 people wishing them goodbye.

All of us party hosts headed to Auntie Linda & Uncle Todd's for some post-wedding RELAXATION. They had quite the selection of beverages to help us wind down, along with a specially created "burger dog" to satisfy my craving for an Uncle Todd-BBQed burger. (We had only hot dog buns, so we made burgers in the shape of hot was very good actually). It was so nice to be with family and just revel in the end of the day.

Phillip and Emily went to the Bellevue Hyatt for their first night and then headed up north to Whistler, BC for a week. We'll all be excited to see them when they get back.

We were so busy throwing this party that we didn't have time for many pictures...between my parents, Ron & I, we got one picture of the bride & groom. Here it is.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day

We drove back from the beach late Saturday night to be back in town for mother's day with our two wonderful moms. We started the day with my parents. We had them over to our apt and attempted to recreate her favorite meal out - the Kruse Burger from Stanfords made with a gardenburger patty. They actually turned out pretty well, if I do say so myself. We followed it up with a walk and this incredible carrot cake at The Ram down on the water. Then my parents left to drive back up to Seattle.

At which point we drove to the Davis' in Beaverton. We attempted to make this wonderful recipe we first tried at Melinda & Junior's house (parents of cute baby Melia). Junior makes really incredible food. It took us about two hours longer than we thought it would to duplicate his efforts...but it all turned out really well. We made pork that was simmered in this green chile sauce we created from tomatillos. We stayed there until late at night telling stories about Ron & Amanda as kids and laughing together.

All in all, a great day.

Saturday, May 13, 2006


This weekend marks the graduation of Brian Millington from U of O law school. Brian was Ron's roommate when he was at U of O doing his Master's degree. Brian is a real outdoors guy. So, to celebrate he invited family & friends to join him for a weekend of camping at Honeyman State Park in Florence, Oregon. It was a great time. Very fun to reconnect with friends we haven't seen in a long time. Plus, I'd never been to Florence. Most people have heard of the "dunes" at Florence. I always pictured really lumpy ground. Like 5-10' tall sand hills all over the beach. No. These were like 100' sand mountains. Seriously, you feel like you're in the arabian desert. I've been scouring online for photos that would capture the scope of it. The black and white photo gives you a sense of the sheer angles...but actually that one isn't very big. In the color photo, if I was standing on top of the mountain, I'd be about the size of two periods ".." stacked upright. Point being, they are very big. On Saturday afternoon, Dave & Carice Tussing and Ron & I spent hours hiking up and down these sand mountains. It was so fun and so exhausting. I would definitely go back.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

In Memory of Dr. John C. Oakley

Bekah Oakley was my childhood best friend. We started playing together when we were 2 years old. Her dad was a renowned neurosurgeon, a man who made it his mission to alleviate the pain of others. He was a widely sought after lecturer and teacher. He loved to fly. On April 17th he was flying from his home in Billings, Montana to an engagement in Utah. His plane went down in whiteout conditions. They found John & his plane the next day. Today was the memorial service held in his honor in Seattle.


News Story

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Last time I wrote about Melinda & Junior's baby Melia, who recently had her first birthday. I found a few pictures of her.


Monday, May 01, 2006

May Day

It's May. Can you believe it?! I have nightmares about getting behind on my here I go, keeping you up to speed on us.

We had a fantastic weekend. Unfortunately, we left our camera in the trunk, so you'll have to picture these things in your mind. One of my two best friends was here this weekend! Kristiane's brother was graduating from George Fox, along with Ron's sister Amanda. Most of our weekend revolved around the GFU graduation activities. The man who married us (Irv Brendlinger) was the speaker at Baccalaureate (a fun surprise). We spent a good part of the afternoon visiting old professors and walking through campus. Then Kristiane & I were tasked with getting there early to "save seats." Her family had 14 people, ours had between 9 and 14 you have any idea how hard it is to save 28 seats when you are two age-16 looking nice girls? It's tough. But we were tough...and we prevailed.

I taught a "Freshman Seminar class" my senior year in college - and this was the year that most of them were graduating. Talk about full circle - I knew them for their first six weeks of college and then was here watching them graduate. One other thing about graduations - I don't think it should be this way, but you can almost predict what someone majored in by looking at them. Isn't that weird? The fashion design and marketing majors have a certain "look," the science or math majors have their own look, the art majors, lit majors, psych majors...I'm serious, you have a picture in your head as I say each one, don't you!? I was also thinking about how I majored in business, but love science...and I look like a cross between the business and the science majors. Coincidence?! Ok, enough of that.

The point of all of this is that Amanda graduated WITH HONORS with her BA in Psychology. Whoo-hoo!

Saturday night we saw this movie - American Dreamz. Go see it. It was really funny. I thought it was an American Idol kind of show and was NOT planning on seeing it...but we ran into a friend outside the movie theater on our way in who had just seen it and he convinced us. Its a satire of pop culture and politics. I laughed hard. (So did Ron).

Sunday was the first birthday party of Melia (Melinda & Junior's baby). What a cutie. I'm going to have to scan in a photo of her. It was held at a park has been so nice lately. Then we forced Aaron (Ron's best friend who was in the Peace Corps in Bolivia) into hanging out with us (I think we're much more interesting than laundry & email...but it took Aaron a while to decide). We walked along the waterfront and enjoyed the day. Capped it off with happy hour at Stanfords for a cheap dinner.

Ok, one more thing. So I ran the marathon last year and my knee was injured during training and sort of hasn't been the same since. I went to the Dr. last week who referred me to a physical therapist who is convinced that if I do my exercises...I can be running again (distance running!) in no time. That's very exciting.

That's all for today. Enjoy your day.

(I found this picture of Kristiane & I, with our third roommate and best friend Sarah, on our GFU graduation day - Kristiane on the left, Sarah on the right). (Then I found this picture of Amanda and Ann from Christmas...its the most recent one on my computer...Congratulations Amanda!)