Monday, June 25, 2007

Trina the Researcher

I started my summer research internship at OHSU. I am in the new building on the waterfront right next to the tram. Our lab (Heart Research Center) studies the fetal origins of adult heart disease. In other words, how things that happen during development “program” problems later in life. One of the reasons the heart is of particular interest to us is that the body cannot make any new heart cells after birth – each cell can grow larger, but they cannot multiply. Genes that are turned on in response to stress during development may be effective precisely because they involve some programmed cell death. But, when that person is exposed to stress later in life, if those genes turn on, they may be in a world of hurt. We’re working to identify the genes and their activities. I’ll keep you updated. At least, that is it as I understand so far. (Thanks to Andrew Hall for use of the photo).

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Ron's Birthday Present

1998, Red, GS 300. He is happy. We bought it used and got a killer deal. (Not an actual photo of our car).

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Danny & Jess' Wedding/My Birthday

On June 3, 2007, Danny & Jessica got married! I was honored they chose such a great day (my birthday =). The whole family spent the weekend holed up in the small town of Enumclaw, Washington for all the festivities.