Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Kick Boxing

I am addicted. Seriously, I love this stuff. It all started one afternoon when I had a lengthy dispute with my boss about an ad. In my frustration I was looking "to punch something." It was brought to my attention that our gym had kickboxing...the rest is history.

A solid hour of punching, kicking and making mean's so therapeutic! I've been going every single Tuesday/Thursday for six months.

(Sidenote #1: It will kick your butt. Sidenote #2: My knee problems originating from marathon training have been vastly improved by this class...a lot of hip strengthening involved in the kicks).

If you get the chance, give it a try. You'll love it!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Dietary Changes

Trina and I made a significant adjustmen to our dietary regimen. After her mom's liver scare, Trina's parents (Ron and Ann) were coached by a Chinese Herbalist. He had much to say (about matters such as their tongue's appearance--I'll admit, I'm skeptical). But most importantly, he showed them a new way to eat.

This was a radical change for them, and it transformed their bodies, Ann's liver and allergies, and their quality of life. Although the change would not be so radical for us, we were inspired. Plus, they had an array of interesting recipes to help us along.

So, for our six week adjustment/cleansing, we gave up dairy, all grains, and all dessert. We also avoided processed food and any kind of artificial sweetner. Our house became a messy, occasionally rotting, cornucopia of fruits and vegetables, stacked in every corner. Our fridge and freezer are full of more of these, and lean meats like fish and turkey, and all kinds of interesting sauces. And, my favorite, lots of eggs.

The adjustment was just that, and we both struggled a little bit with energy for our more rigorous workouts. Now we can have moderate amounts of dairy, and we have about 4 servings of grain per week (but only unusually fibrous types, and no bread). Once in a blue moon we get a real dessert (although our dark chocolate macaroons are just as tasty!).

Neither of us set out to loose weight, as we were both very healthy and happy with our bodies. But, we've both lost about ten pounds. But most importantly, Trina's hypoglycemia is virtually gone. Sugar can re-create the problem, but her general blood-sugar stability is incredibly different. This has been a huge improvement to her (and my) quality of life. My allergies are also milder. And we both enjoy eating.

In fact, I get to eat pretty much as much as I want, whenever I want. And I eat most of what I want. I love it!

Trina and the MCAT

As is readily obvious, it's been a busy few months. Trina has done a great service, catching everyone up on the events of our lives. Of course, it's been boiled down and I have a few words to add. But first, a tribute to my wife. I have to brag.

Trina decided to take the MCAT in June. She basically had eight weeks to prepare if she wanted to apply to Medical School this year. The MCAT is an aptitude test, but it also requires a substantial knowledge bank. Yearlong courses in General Biology, General Chemistry, Organic Chemisty and Physics are essentially prerequisites. And for those of you who have taken these courses in college (or who have friends who have), you know how incredibly brutal they can be.

What is truly amazing, is that Trina had never taken the latter three (and the first one was taken as AP Biology, about ten years ago in High School). Trina had just started her new biomedical research job. It was full time (although they were generous with time off right before the MCAT), and there was much to learn. On top of that, Trina studied each of these year long courses in a total of about 6 weeks.

She took the final 2 weeks to practice the actual test. Should would study, almost without blinking, for ten hours at a time. It was awe-inspiring.

Whatever her score (and she was averaging just below the median at Harvard in her practice tests), I am amazed--at her ability, for sure, but at her determination even more so. What a person to call lover and partner!

I'm so proud.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Eagle Creek

Yesterday Ron & I spent most of the day hiking in the Gorge. We hiked up the Eagle Creek trail - in for 2 hours and then back out for 2 hours. It was incredibly beautiful. Sadly, these are not our we forgot our camera. So, thanks to Tom Kloster for the photos. We ended a long day of hiking at Ron's favorite - Char Burger - right next to Bridge of the Gods. Then, to see Knocked Up at the Laurelhurst Theater. A very good day.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Rob & Romy

A great picture of my cousin Jossie & Rob's new baby Romy.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


It has been ridiculously long. Go back to 5/1 and start reading forward. (Photo from recent Black Butte trip with cousins...thanks for the picture Lis).

Meet Romy Eileen

My cousin Jossie gave birth to Romy Eileen on Sunday September 2nd (Labor Day weekend). She was 8 lbs, 4 oz, 20 3/4 inches long...and very cute.