Thursday, March 20, 2008

Some updating

Well, we've obviously been quite negligent about our blog. Not that we loved our blog less, but we love our pittance of personal time more.

Also, we have a lot of upcoming plans, not all of which we want to post all over the internt. Most of you know of these anyway.

That said, the months since our last post have been quite full. Hopefully we will find the time to fill you in on all of it. The highlights have been.

Kristiane's Wedding: Trina's best friend married Darron Ransbarger (who was cleverly named after his parents, Darlene and Ron), a true complement to her personality. Kristiane had been in a long term relationship a few years ago, one that we had some sincere trepidation over. That juxtaposed with this man, who loves her for her, pushes her to be more herself, and gets how to love her--it's just such a source of excitement and retroactive relief! They've been enjoying their first few months of marriage, although they are quite bogged down in life as Medical Residents. Apparenlty it's not just like Grey's Anatomy in real life!

Then there was the big party. It was big, really big. Trina threw a party for her dad, Ron (not to be confused with me, or Darron's dad, or my grandfather...). Anyway, he turned 55 this November, and she put on the bash of a lifetime. It was at this beautiful clubhouse--which seemed more like a gazillionaire's living room--friends and family from all the years of his life--all together for an evening of dessert, wine, memories, laughs and tears. We had several speakers--all of whom did an excellent job, a slide show, his favorite chocolate marsipan cake, songs from throughout his life, and just about everyone he knows and loves to boot. I've never seen anyone so suprised--and Ron is about the most adaptable person I've ever met. I know he was truly touched. Trina had some help, but in reality, she did basically all the work, from Portland (party was in Seattle), while taking her excessive school load (more on this in a minute). As a gift, we sent him and Ann (his wife, Trina's mom) to NYC to see the Lion King. They had a blast, saw a few shows, toured the town, and loved every minute.

My favorite side detail on this is this: Trina sent out an email regarding the party, and her dad was working on his mother-in-law's computer at that exact moment. So he knew (although he pretended not to). We threw him a mini party to throw it off--his kids, their spouses, his wife, and his parents and in-laws. Party hats, cake, and a Spongebob Pinatta (my idea). You should have seen him maul Spongebob, who was full of red-licorice (you can imagine how gorey that looked). Anyway, it threw him off--so when seventy five people showed up at his formal party two weeks after his birthday, he had no clue.

Okay, what's next? Trina's school should be mentioned. She's attempting the impossible. She's taking General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics and Calculus. It's about the equivalent of 23 semester hours (at GFU, 18 was the max). She has to pay extra. Anyway, they told her no one could survive that schedule. Never take more than three classes in a term--and never more than two tough science/math classes. She's doing four (and three have labs).

But she's a machine. She pulled a 4.0 first term, and very well may do the same this term. She did have pneumonia, and was (for school purposes) useless for about 3 weeks (out of a ten week term). So she figures she may have a slight drop in a class or two.

What I'm trying to say is: my wife is a genius and a machine. I've never met anyone quite so industrious and capable. Wow! Not only is she better looking than me, nicer and more charming--and she's got a much softer heart--she's also sewing up the accomplishment neck of the woods. Boy did I hit the ball out of the park when I married her. That counts for something!

Anyway, we did Thanksgiving in Seattle, because Trina's cousins (the Meyers) were here from Hawaii...

More to come--Cabo, Christmas, Anniversary, and Penumonia! But I'm off to a client lunch...