Friday, August 22, 2008

Another Tribute

Traveling with another person is an intimate affair, even for a married couple. I would like to quickly acknowledge the people I've traveled closely with in the past.

Juniors Abroad: Bennet Smith, Nate Kellar, Bryan Millington, Jenelle (Hall) Clarke
Bolivia: Melinda (Dumas) Castro, Aaron Gapasin
Europe #2: Jarett Creason, Luke Watson (in the center of the picture)

I have to be honest, this trip has reminded me of Jarett and Luke a few hundred times. They were both former 'residents' of mine in college--and absolutely fantastic friends as well. We laughed a LOT that trip, bickered occasionally, but developed a lifetime of memories. As I journey with the person who is most dear to me, and we find our way around the globe, I'm particularly impressed as I remember how easy it was to travel with people who weren't my life partners.

I expected that traveling with my dear wife would not be difficult. I was right. But as I reflect on my other travel companions, I'm awfully grateful for the wonderful friends I've been blessed with.

Thanks to all of you!



jcreason said...

Just be sure to kick a pigeon for me while you're there ;-)

I love reading your updates here, and with the amount of entries you have, you shouldn't have any trouble filling a book when you get back!

Ron said...

Funny enough--I did just about kick a pigeon today. How did you manage to actually hit it.

Thinking of that day in Rome makes me smile. You and Nicole would love Krakow, I think.

And yes, we are a bit loquacious. But you have to be if you are going to write, right?