Sunday, August 24, 2008


We arrived safely in Krakow, Poland this morning after an 8 hour night bus ride followed by a 3 hour train ride. The city is gorgeous, our hostel is amazing (our own bathroom & kitchenette for $40/night) but we don't have internet in our room. The plan is to be here for 5 nights and see Auschwitz & the Salt Mines in addition to the city center. We'll find an internet cafe to upload the postings we're writing soon...but for now, here's a photo of the central square...


Emily said...

You're very welcome to stay with us while in New York! We would love it.

Boswell said...

Wow...these pictures are making me drool. The shots of the city I mean, not of you two.

What a fabulous trip. I ran into Andrea Cook at a banquet downtown last week, and we spent some time praising you two, sharing our appreciation for you both and how wonderful we think it is the direction you've taken with your life and the incredible opportunities you are getting, from work to travel to school.

Wishing the best for you both!

And by the way...what a classic comment..."I'm not that bad." Adorable.