Friday, August 22, 2008

On Our Own

This first leg of the trip is 14 weeks--from leaving Seattle to returning to New York. The first half has been seven weeks of being hosted by kind, generous and helpful people.

The next seven weeks, which began yesterday at about 15:00, is for just the two of us (with the exception of a few days with my uncle, aunt and cousin late in the journey). That said, we've been able to really take in the relaxation associated with being hosted--not having to cook, plan, or figure things out. Savings lots of money, time and effort. And making dear friends along the way. Writing in too many sentence fragments.

Nevertheless, we are very excited about being on our own. We are definitely our own best company, and we love to bask in that. Some married people get tired of each other. More typically for us, the more time we spend with each other, the hungrier we get for more. So, if we are a bit reclusive next time you see us, you'll know why.

Just Trina and me for most of seven weeks. Yippee!!!

PS. We did not coordinate our clothing today, despite the patriotic look.

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