Monday, August 18, 2008

Our Norwegian Bus Ride

We forgot to mention our Norwegian bus ride. Hakon and Asborg dropped us off at the bus station in Forde (about a ninety minute drive from Sorbovag). It was an emotional farewell on all counts (it probably didn't help that none of us had enough sleep the prior night). We were quite sad to leave them, and both got pretty watery-eyed.

Since I had slept about three hours the night before and couldn't sleep on the bus, I was downright rummy. Trina wasn't far behind in her sleep deprivation--as well as her rummyness.
Fortunately, we did make it in one piece to Oslo where we were treated like royalty.

Nine hours on a bus will make anyone a little batty!

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OnAnAdventure said...

wow, ron, that picture is absolutely lovely!