Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ron's Travel Status

I should have written a few of these earlier, but I would like to point out some notables.

After about five weeks, when we were finishing up our time in Sorbovag with Haakon and Asborg, I finally felt rested. 16 months of a way-too-strenuous pace preceded our trip--two rounds of LSAT's and MCAT's, Trina's Pneumonia, Full time work, planning for the trip at about 15 hours per week, normal life, some huge parties/events, the application process (early), immunizations, etc. Now, when I get tired it feels completely nominal. My residual fatigue is gone!

I love my quick dry underwear. It's amazing. My fancy socks are great too, but definitely sub-par in comparison with the undies.

My dry fit shirts are so convenient, but they stink just a little too fast. I know that I actually am the source of stink, but they seem to have a compounding effect.

My bad arches aren't enjoying the cobblestones as much as my eyes are. I'd consider my feet my primary weakness regarding touring.

I'm enjoying our downtime as much as our tour time. We are in a beautiful apartment in Prague and we barely went outside today.

I do miss a smattering of people, but I'm pretty much happy through and through. Really, it's just like I hoped it would feel. Not perfect, of course, but absolutely wonderful. And I get to share it with my favorite person.

And, I'm totally flexing in this picture, which means that, despite being a pretty healthy person, my fragile male ego remains.


Matthew and Lisa said...

haha - you're flexing...that's funny :)

Thanks for the video wishes today while we were at Romy's party. We all loved it!

Ron said...

I'm hoping you think it is funny that I would flex in a photo--not that in that photo I'm actually flexing. =)

Christie said...

Your segue into the "quick dry underwear" part is why I keep coming back to read more. Classic travel writing, indeed. :)