Saturday, August 02, 2008


If I had to describe Norway in one word it would be...steep. As we expected it is extraordinarily expensive. The first vending machine I saw had nothing for less than $4. The cheapest appetizer at a very average bar was $19. Fortunately we've been kindly hosted by family so the financial impact to us has been minimal.

But, more interestingly, the landscape is really dramatic. And, it seems everyone here is very acclimated to it. The first day we were led on a 4 hour hike up steep hillsides by our 70 year old host. The next day two septuagenarians led us on a 2.5 hour hike straight up a rocky hillside. Just yesterday our current hosts (in their sixties) scaled a local mountain (approx 1200 ft) in an hour.

A few hike photos.

In the above photo, try to find Trina...kind of like Where's Waldo.

Suffice it to say, my hiking muscles are getting stronger.

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