Friday, August 08, 2008

These are my people!

Aslaug is great! She's the girlfriend of Morten (see One in a Million) and the daughter of Hakon & Asbjorg (our hosts). After some wonderful conversation with her I've determined that many of my traits that have previously been considered "quirky" are perhaps actually just "Norwegian." (I suppose it should be noted that Morten and a few others have contended that these may simply be "family traits." I do not contend that =).

1. Norwegians are somewhat gullible. No comment.

2. Norwegians are less than fully modest. Wearing clothes can be quite inconvenient and being comfortable with your body is great.

3. Norwegians love chocolate (ok, actually just Aslaug and I, but we both REALLY do!)

4. Norwegians are apt to act a little silly and consider themselves "full" (drunk) with a few sips of alcohol.

5. Norwegians love to dance.

I tell you, these are my people!

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