Thursday, August 07, 2008

Trina's Travel Status

My shirt situation has eased up a bit. Ireland was slightly cooler and I wore only my 3 long sleeved shirts. Here in Norway it has been quite warm and I have had both my 3 short sleeved shirts AND my 3 tank tops. This added variety has made a significant difference in my shirt shortage feelings.

I dried my hair for the first time in approximately 5 weeks yesterday. I discovered a few things. My hair is longer than the last time I dried it. My hair is blonder than the last time I dried it. Drying my hair is a pain and I'm glad I haven't done it in 5 weeks!

Still love my watch.

Wedding rings are worn on the right hand here in Norway. I am wearing it there, but feeling a bit sausage finger-y because my right hand is larger than my left. Or maybe because I eat too much cheese. Either way.

I eat too much cheese. Kind of a theme. There's just such great cheese here! One critical issue has been the lack of Irish brown bread that kept my system "moving" if you will. I recently discovered the large amount of fiber in musli and will be increasing my intake of this to allow me to continue eating excessive amounts of Norwegian cheese.

They drink a lot of coffee here. Same as tea in Ireland...morning, noon and night. This has taken some adjusting. I normally consume no caffeine. I am not morally against it, I'm just naturally caffeinated. This extra caffeine has caused me to feel quite euphoric, a little anxious and occasionally sleepless.

I am still claiming "jet lag" as the reason that I don't go to bed before 2am here in Norway. Everyone thinks that is ridiculous. I do not. Perhaps the nighttime coffee also plays a role.

I like my husband a lot and think I'm very lucky to get to spend all this time together.

That's it for now. I'll keep you updated.

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Ann said...

CHEESE, CHEESE AND MORE CHEESE! That's what I say! You're adorable...we miss you!