Monday, August 11, 2008

Trinidioms #1

As many of you know, Trina's mother's family (the Carlsons) are famous for mixing up metaphoric idioms. These have had yielded some good ones over the years.

"That's his road to hoe."
"He smokes like a fish."
"I wish I could have been a mouse on the wall."
"I'm sweating like a sieve (response: you mean a pig?); like a stuck pig!"
"I love your new PDF!"

You get the idea. There have been thousands of these over the years, and a few hours with several Carlson women and you will get quite the host of good material.

I was thinking I'd like to start putting the occasional example from my dear wife for your enjoyment. Why not share in my mirth?


"That's what fisherpeople do, isn't it? They drink their sorrows."

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