Monday, August 11, 2008

Your Input Please!

We have been writing for the past 5 weeks about a variety of topics as we travel. Since we are currently (and intend to continue) travel writing we wanted to survey our audience about which topics are most interesting. Please leave a comment, or email us (, with which topics you have most enjoyed and/or would like us to continue writing about.

Daily Activities
Religion Practices
Political Systems
Cultural Traditions
Did You Know?
Travel Status
Pretty Pictures


Ann said...

Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be too helpful on this one, I like it all! But I'm your mom...Love you...

Laurie McFarlane said...

It is all very interesting, I enjoy hearing what is on your heart, some days travel status, some days reflective thoughts....whatever you are going through. Although, I am curious to hear how it goes with 3 shirts as time goes on!!!

Matthew and Lisa said...

I love it all. My favorites are the quotables and the interesting facts but the religious beliefs and practices I find quite you! -lis

Christie said...

Love 'em all but decided I'd rank my interests anyway (1 = favorite, 2 = second favorite, etc.).

1. Pretty pictures
2. Travel status
3. Religious practices
4. Did you know?
5. Daily activities
6. Political Systems
7. History
8. Cultural traditions
9. Quotables