Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bratislava & Budapest

After Vienna we had a very quick (less than 24 hour) stopover in Bratislava, Slovakia. We went there because we were told that it was a country that has come out from communism much more slowly and less surely than it's neighbor (Czech Republic). Coming straight from Vienna really added to the contrast. We'll write more about this later...but there was a hilltop where you could see the "old town" with the old city walls and then beyond it, literally as far as I could see, an absolute maze of identical looking communist housing. It was kind of eerie.

Then, we were in Budapest for six nights. We had a great place and the city was very cool. It is one of the farthest east (geographically) but it felt by far the most west of the "Eastern" Europe that we have visited. The one notable non-Western trait being the significant lack of English speakers.

Budapest was a hard place for us though. We spent two full day working on law school applications, I got sick (tonsil infection) and Ron's aunt was hospitalized and died several days later.

We have been so lucky to head straight to Ron's uncle & aunt's home outside of Munich, Germany in the farmlands of Ismaning. It has been a soft landing spot for me to get well and us to do some grieving.

We head to Turkey for 2 weeks on Wednesday night, then we'll start working our way to the US. The interview count is now up to 4 which makes us very excited.

Expect more posts and pictures soon. Ron has done a lot of posting on his political blog...so feel free to check that out at www.ronpolitics.blogspot.com.

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Christie said...

So sorry to hear about your Aunt, Ron. Our thoughts are with you.