Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hungarian Grocery Shopping

Have you ever considered the difficulties of shopping when you can't read the signs, the labels or understand the helpful worker?

Say, for instance, you were looking for almond extract. (The reason being that you are Danish and you are genetically programmed to include it in all baked goods.) You scan the aisles for flour. That's reasonable right? Baking things would be together. Well, not exactly. Later near the syrup you find what seems to be possibly vanilla extract. And there's a clear substance in a bottle next to it. How do you find out if this is what you want? Clearly, you go hunting for almonds (which are not near the peanuts in the snack aisle, but near the dried fruit in the healthy people aisle) and you discover that the Hungarian word for almond is Mandula. Of course, Mandula. I should have known. Now I have obtained one of thirty items on my list.

I am seriously looking forward to grocery shopping in the US in a month!

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