Monday, September 08, 2008

My political blog

I care about politics, a lot. I care about this election, a lot. I love most of you who read this, and I really don't want to compromise the community we are developing here. But I really do want to share my thoughts.

I truly believe I have some useful things to say, things that aren't just the same old things restated. So, I've started a separate blog. If you are offended by political discussion, or are liable to write people off for disagreeing within you (and you don't change your mind), then don't bother. But if you'd like to have some meaningful discussion, please check it out here.

To give you a sense of what I plan to do on it, here's the first entry...

"My Purpose"
I feel passionately about this election, and I'm not just your everyday partisan.

I want to share with friends, family, and even foes if need be, my reasons for voting for Barack Obama. I'm not a traditional democrat--I'm not a labor guy, I don't buy 'secularism' carte blanche, and I'm pro-life. I was raised an evangelical Christian and I'm still a line-towing orthodox follower of Jesus.

I've also studied philosophy and history, traveled somewhat extensively, and am a reasonably intelligent guy. Lots of people ask for my opinion about lots of things. Unfortunately, I give it even more often. So, we'll keep wise off the list of personal qualities for now.

I intend to offer all sorts of reasons for my choices--religious, political, historical, statistical, rational, empirical, etc.

Feel free to comment. Authentic and civil disagreement is welcome!


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Christie said...

Sweet. I'll check it out post haste.