Saturday, September 06, 2008

Nowa Huta - A Communist's Paradise

Nowa Huta is a suburb of Krakow. It is one of three cities (outside Russia) that was specifically built to showcase the successes of Communist ideals. It was a really fascinating place.

All the buildings were really tall with courtyards in the center that often contained the school for all the kids in that "complex."

Everything matched.

The town was populated mostly by industrial workers who worked at the giant Lenin Steelworks factory.

There was a church built in this town thanks to the stubborness of the late Pope John Paul II (he was born outside Krakow, was its archbishop for a number of years and is extremely popular here!). Allegedly the government wouldn't allow a church in their perfect community, so PJP II held many outdoor services. This was such a spectacle that they finally agreed to a church building and what resulted is a goofy looking building that looks like it has a Noah's Ark on top. I think it is actually called Arka Pana.

I have to admit the place was actually pretty cool...if a little eerie.

All Nowa Huta photos here.

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