Saturday, September 06, 2008

Old Town Krakow

Old Town Krakow is just absolutely completely amazing. I loved this place. It was magical. The central square is filled with beautiful churches, old buildings, street musicians and couples kissing each other.

We wandered through countless churches, historic buildings and cobbled streets...

Had lunch at an authentic "Milk Bar" (a government subsidized cafeteria for workers - left over from the Communist Era)...
And visited the historic Wawel Cathedral and Castle. We also saw the church where Pope John Paul II was archbishop and his residence. Wawel Castle is the photo below and you can clearly tell that it was built onto several times. Honestly, I didn't really like the appearance...I thought it looked messy. Ron thought it was amazing.

All in all an amazing place. And cheap. Our hostel (private double room with kitchenette and bathroom) was $40/night, we bought huge Turkish kebabs stuffed with meat for $4 and gelato in the center of touristy Town Square was $1.25. Seriously, this is a fantastic destination. So there you go. I liked it!

All Old Town photos here.

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Christie said...

I'm telling you. If there is one reason to go overseas at all, it's gelato. That stuff is so tasty. Darr and I, while over there for our last trip, were able to rationalize having gelato four times a day for nearly a week. Mmmm...if you stumble across the yogurt-flavored gelato, try it for me, k?