Saturday, September 06, 2008


We have learned a lot more history, taken a TON of photos and enjoyed many more cobbled streets. Here's the highlights.

Petrin Hill - Atop a hill on the Castle side of the river is a mini-Eiffel tower. We climbed the hill and then climbed the tower. Amazing views.

Old Town - The official "old town" and "new town" both fall in this category in my book. New town was declared "new" in the 14th century. It just is as great as you'd hope. Picturesque spires and red roofs everywhere you look.

Museum of Communism - A thorough look at the history of Communism in a country that was not "officially" part of the USSR. Really interesting.
Mala Strana (Little Quarter) & Strahov Monastery - A cool old monastery where we spent a lively evening drinking beer freshly made by the monks is situated near the Prague Castle. It happens to be the one that we accidentally wandered through on our way home from Petrin Hill when we got lost.
Prague Castle - Absolutely incredible. Haven't loaded the photos yet, but you'll love them. It has housed both the seat of government forever and includes the most amazing cathedral I've seen (and I have seen a lot in the past 9 weeks!), St. Vitus.

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