Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Trina's Travel Status

It has been WAY too long since I last wrote on of these...so I think that's where I'll start.

We've been too busy. We attempted a sprint during our ninth week that was a little much and left us both pretty worn out. It is just so hard to take time to rest or have a "day off" of experiencing a place when it really requires TAKING the time from something else. But, how well are we really experiencing a place when we're sort of bleary eyed and full of undigested thoughts?

I still love my watch and I have discovered it is very waterproof. I wore it in the Hungarian baths and it did quite well.

All of my socks are developing a small hole in the exact same spot. This has caused severe panic in me. I can't decide if this logically means that the manufacturer has a defect or if I do. I have come to love my socks and they have protected my feet so well - not a single blister in 11.5 weeks of walking constantly. I am planning on writing an email to the manufacturer pleading my case...I'll let you know what happens.

I seriously miss Smart Pop microwave popcorn.

There is great sanity in a full size bottle of shampoo. I managed for almost 8 weeks to ration out two 1.7 ounce bottles of shampoo. In that blasted Hungarian grocery store I found the shampoo (while looking for almonds) and I just bought a full size one. It felt like a really rebellious, not savvy traveler thing to do. But, I am SO happy about it! I feel like I am really living, not just passing through. Hard to explain, but I think I will not go back.

Europe's cheeses are good. Still eating too much of it. Still don't really intend to stop.

I still feel cool when I put on my big backpack.


Aaron said...

I miss you guys. did you ever watch the clip of Scrubs that I emailed to Ron?

Christie said...

You are cool, my friend.