Sunday, October 05, 2008

Hungarian Baths

The bath we visited in Budapest was like a huge complex of hot tubs that are heated by the geothermal activity underground. (Think geysers and hot springs). There were tubs inside and outside, all at different temperatures. The inside and out all looked kind of like the lobby of Caesar’s Palace (in Vegas). There were probably 40 different pools of varying sizes ranging from a good-sized resort pool to a backyard one. The best part is that this was the place to come and hang out after work, to relax, to play chess, to meet friends. I realized when I got to the dressing room that Ron had the backpack with my swimsuit in it. The culture of the place was such that I didn’t feel strange at all wearing the underwear and sports bra I was wearing that day. I loved that everyone was so comfortable with their bodies. The vast majority of Hungarians in general seem to be less obese than Americans, but there were definitely a sprinkling of large ladies and gentleman who seemed to pay no heed to their large belly overflowing the small, lime green Speedo.

While we were outside it started raining and that made it all the more fun. When I was a kid, my family was on a trip in New Mexico and I still remember swimming in a warm, outdoor pool while it was snowing in Taos. Jumping outside getting cold, jumping back in, loving the huge clouds of steam that produced. It was a lot like that only a much much bigger pool.


Aaron said...

Just remember, when you return to the States, be more tactful than I was when I came home from Peace Corps and continually commented quite loudly and clearly in English how large Americans are. Commenting on things in English when virtually nobody understands you is great, or at least it is until you come home and you keep doing it with the only difference being that everybody understands exactly what your saying.:-)

Christie said...

Lime green Speedos! Sweet.

Aaron said...

I can't believe I spelled "you're" as "your".