Saturday, October 11, 2008

More Dreams

I have crazy dreams. Here are a few recent ones…

I am a light purple rose in a two-dimensional world. Like a world in Super Mario Brothers. My head is the flower, and I am not really open yet…more like the shape of the roses you’d buy at Costco (kind of bucket shaped). I have two leaves for arms that aren’t at the same level on my stem, and my legs are a network of roots. I can move around somewhat in the soil, but I have some limits…my legs will get tangles with my neighbor’s if I try to move too far or too quickly. I had a whole life going in my rose-life. I had a yellow neighbor and an orange neighbor. I always felt a little inferior because roses are supposed to be red and I was light purple. Also, when I would get really stressed about something I’d lose a petal. My orange neighbor told me I had to stop that or I would ruin my blossom.

I wake up in the morning and Ron is reading. I ask him a question and he is very perturbed that I am interrupting him. He is reading. He turns to me and says, “How can you interrupt me at a time like this? You know I am trying to read enough to get the Pewter Award from Reader’s Digest!”

I have urgent news to tell Ron and I can’t find him anywhere. I see him in the distance a few rooms away and I run to get him. He is singing and keeping his eyes on the camera at all times. He’s apparently making a music video of the song “Wake me up when September ends” with a camera crew. I try to get his attention, but he isn’t responding, he’s just doing these dramatic, corny, music-video poses. The song continues and the scene keeps changing and eventually I’m watching this music video of Ron and this song and Trina running back and forth in all the scenes trying to get his attention. At the end, Ron is walking into the ocean with his back to the camera for a dramatic ending and I am sputtering and splashing him and trying to swim with my water wings.

I can’t make this stuff up!

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