Sunday, November 30, 2008

A 3 Dollar Massage

We read in our Lonely Planet guide about an institute where blind Vietnamese people give really good massages. It turns out it is about two blocks away.

Although the facilities were spartan (you are in a large room separated from other patrons by only curtains), they were clean and comfortable. It was a little unusual being uncovered while naked for a while (Trina was covered the whole time), but, then again, he couldn't see. And if he could--oh well.

Both our masseuses did an good job. I'd say it was about at the median for massages I've received. And, although I had to pay extra for the air-conditioned room, $2.92 for an hour was the best bargain I've ever received.

We delayed our train to Nha-Trang; we'll be staying in Saigon for a total of eight days.

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