Monday, November 17, 2008

Back to the USA

By the time we left Europe, we were really ready for some time back in the US. We’ve absolutely enjoyed our European adventure, but we were fatiguing a bit. We were so ready to see our families, know where everything was in the grocery store, and to eat some chocolate chip cookies.
It was actually really wonderful to come home feeling somewhat travel satisfied. I’ve never left a trip abroad without kicking and screaming (in my own more adult way) all the way home. And, although we both felt some sadness at the world we were leaving behind, we had the consolation that, in reality, we’d be traveling for another eight months at least.

So we figured we got the best of both worlds. A break from travel, and a lot of travel left to go. Relief from the hard parts, but the guarantee of more fun to come.

Not so bad, is it?

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