Sunday, November 02, 2008

Fun with Benjamin

We did many things with Benjamin. Trina and he baked Macaroons. We all worked on Sugar Cookies quite a bit. Of course there was lots of fun with the dogs, Jerry even could pretty well play soccer. We’d walk and he’d bike or scooter, we’d read to him—we even saw Cars for the first time (Trina also saw a firehouse dog movie too). Benj and I built an enormous train set from really similar materials to the one I had as a kid (although they are a bit fancier now) and I even enlisted his help with taking off my beard and shaving my head.

I had promised him when we left for Turkey that I would keep the beard until we got back to his house and then he could help me take it off. I think he especially enjoyed smearing the shaving cream all over my head…

We really enjoyed the entire family, of course. But it was fun to be able to really dig in specifically with Benjamin, to get to know his emerging personality, and to make a memory with him that we hope he will remember.

I guess he cried after he hugged us goodnight the last night (he wouldn’t see us the following morning). We did too.

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Court said...

Yup, now you two need kids. :)