Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I got into the H-Bomb today!


That made my day. Of course, so did being in Kuala Lumpur, but whatever.



Neato Bandito! said...

Can't say that comes as a shock! Congrats and I wish you all the best!

Dee Dee said...

Hey, I thnk I got this to work!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you both and congrats to you both on your first acceptance(s)! Did you hear back from PCC yet? I imagine it will take longer to hear from them since it's MUCH classier than Harvard. Ha :)

Love you,

Dee Dee and Ray

SarahBeth said...

So happy with both of you! Absolutely amazing! Does this almost guarantee an East Coast move?

I am so happy!

Emily said...

Congratulations, friend!

Marilee said...

Ron - you're amazing and I am not a bit surprised but SO happy for you. Ah, I remember a time when you emerged from the red line in Harvard Square and announced: "I Love this place!" :)

Christie said...

Does this mean I can beg you for a job when we're both done with school and you launch your ultra successful firm?