Thursday, November 27, 2008

Malaysian Deluge

We were walking back from lunch today--Indian/Malay food. We hit a torrential downpour. Apparently equatorial rain comes hard and fast. The very urban streets were swamped, with cars looking like boats. We had to wade home, soaked to the bone. It was actually kind of fun. And yes, we cleaned all our stuff afterward.

We've decided that, since we are overwhelmed about catching up on the US part of our trip (and because people seem less interested in that part) we will continue from where we are, with flashbacks to the US.

Also, wanted to let you know we are indeed monitoring the protests in Thailand and the Terrorist Attacks in India. I promise we won't go anywhere stupidly, for those of you who are worrying. We have become quite good a changing plans. Thanks for loving us.

PS from Trina: At one point walking home I was up to my knees in water!!

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