Monday, November 17, 2008

Marta and Greg

Marta Davis is my grandmother. Technically, she isn’t my biological grandmother; she married my Grandpa Ron (I being his namesake) as his second wife shortly after I was born. But she’s been around as long as I remember, and has always loved me and treated me as her own grandchild.

It was SO great to see her and Greg (one of her kids from before she was married to my Grandpa. They all live in and around Sturbridge, where Greg runs all things restaurant at this big resort and where Marta works in a tourist information office.

Greg also has two beautiful young kids that I had the privilege of meeting for the first time (at least since they were babies). We had a wonderful evening laughing, hugging, catching up, and eating pizza with them.

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Court said...

hat's an awesome photo of Marta and your mom. :)