Saturday, November 01, 2008

Our time with the Dillons in Germany

It is in to this context that we spent nine nights in Germany. We came from Hungary, and then spent five nights with them, preparing for our much written-about trip to Turkey. Trina was really pretty sick, and so she pretty much slept and watched this BBC movies series for the better part of each day. She was glad that we were coming back—nothing like meeting your husband’s relatives when you are sick. But, they were gracious and she is eminently charming—and we knew we had another visit ahead of us.

During our time with Damian’s family, we mostly spent time recovering, playing with Benjamin (soccer, walks, playing with the dogs Jerry and Jessie), making macaroons and the like. I also had the wonderful privilege of attending Benjamin’s first day of first grade (more on this later). We went to Oktoberfest (the only time Trina really got out of the house—to drink beer no less), and then headed out for Turkey.

After Turkey, we returned, spent a lot more time playing with Benjaming—more soccer, walks, reading with him (he really enjoyed my rendition of a German children’s book), making sugar cookies, building a train station, and shaving my beard. All in all another wonderful time.

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