Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Big Blonde & Beautiful

Here in Vietnam I am...a giant. I don't run around thinking of myself as grossly oversized compared to the general population...but here I am seriously a rhinoceros.

There were several instances where I was keenly aware of my size relative to the population. One was at the aforementioned water park where I towered above all the children and their teachers. Later that week we found an air conditioned gym. The posters on the wall were...well, let's just say they didn't exactly reflect the population of the gym. When I went to take a shower, I could see the two other ladies showering over the partition at my chin. Upon exiting the shower I shouldn't have been surprised to find that the provided towel wouldn't wrap around my waist! Nothing makes you feel Baby Beluga like your thin towel stretched tight around you and your hiney flapping in the wind.

During my next run at that gym, I came across a certain song from Hairspray and I really identified with it. Please enjoy...

PS - Here's the posters I mentioned

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