Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dream, Dream, Dream

Willy Wonka is leading me on a tour of New York City along the "Freedom Trail" (which was in Boston) with my cousins Lisa & Jossie and several members of my high school volleyball team. I'm in a mining cart on a track that abruptly ends and my cart takes flight. Willy explains to me that if I open my arms I will keep flying, if I get afraid I will sink. I am flying through this forest that is fall-foliage-colored, but the trees are made of lollipops (technically they are primary colored hard candies connected by Tootsie Roll Pop sticks). I'd fly up and down and stop with my nose a few inches from the ground, but I'm not afraid.

All of a sudden I am in Lisa & Jossie's childhood house with the King's (my high school) volleyball team and I wake up to Angie (from high school youth group) explaining that I haven't eaten in 9 days. I need to drink multiple Vanilla Costco brand Slim Fast shakes because "if you drink them and eat, you'll gain weight. They really should tell you that on the can." But, I can't go to volleyball practice without my earrings. Fortunately, my cousin Lisa takes me upstairs to her bedroom that is painted teal and she opens up a perfectly organized 20 foot display case of earrings - they are sorted by size, color and how much she likes them. I really wanted to pick out the stud earrings with the black center but I feel so guilty about it so I settle for the large, clip-on footprint earrings that are silver with a purple center...but some of the purple is falling out. They hurt my ears. Lisa and I hop onto a combination sleeping bag/Astro minivan that drives itself and Patrick Dempsey is laying across both of us because he's our uncle and it is his job to protect us from the falling "animals."

Then I woke up.

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Matthew and Lisa said...

That is hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And so accurate in many odd ways :) Love you Trink!