Monday, December 15, 2008

Flashback: Tony Danza's Heavier Cousin

We meet lots of interesting people.

After Trina's interview at Stony Brook, we took the Port Jefferson Ferry across the water from Long Island to Connecticut (we were headed to New Haven and Yale).

As we were about to disembark, a man started chatting us up. He was like a much stockier, Tony Danza with a harsher Long Island accent. He reminded me of a guy named Augie (short for Augustinian) from my UO days. He was insistent that we shouldn't take the 25 minute train to New Haven and piled us into his truck (he owned a construction company and his truck was very large).

His hospitality was only matched my his "rough around the edges" personality. All in all, he was very likable, and very excited that we are traveling around the world. And I forgot that I'm not supposed to get in a stranger's car.

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