Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Food in Malaysia

The primary food here is Chinese and Indian. There's a night market near our hotel where we ate many meals.

On Thanksgiving Day we ended up at a wonderful Indian restaurant...with a little bit of a communication problem. Through some pantomiming and pointing at others' food, we ordered curry chicken, chicken and rice and a small keish-like appetizer. As the waiter was walking away, another waiter helpfully explained, "we also have tandoori chicken and naan in the back."
We said, "oh that is great! We'd like to have that instead." The waiter giggled at us and said, "ok!" Apparently "instead" meant "in addition to" and we ended up with the equivalent of 6 entrees. Chicken curry, chicken and rice, two sizable egg dishes, two tandoori chickens, two plates full of naan. The whole restaurant was gawking at these two Americans eating six meals!

The good news...the total bill, including bottled water, was 40 Malaysian Ringitts...or $11.90.

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Matt said...

LOL, I had the same experience recently over in India, except I was all by myself. Somehow I ended up ordering 4 entrees, in addition to lots of naan and a coke. The best part is that I was the only one in the restaurant, so there were 5 waiters and waitresses just standing there watching me eat. Very unnerving, since I already felt bad enough having so much food!