Saturday, December 06, 2008


One of the defining features of Ho Chi Minh City (called Saigon by all the locals) is the mass volume of motorbikes. They make up at least 90% of the motorized traffic and semi-obey traffic rules. Crossing the street is always an adventure. I took this video by putting the camera at my side and walking straight across the crosswalk when it was our turn to go. This was a very average crossing...


Cara said...

I'm just so glad to see you made it across the street safely! Are there a ton of accidents or is everyone relatively safe?

Your traveling philosophy and observations are so exciting (especially being a person to embark on some adventure myself). I'll be in Ecuador Jan 31 and back in the states in May.

Keep me updated on the med schools too! I interviewed at BU yesterday and will be checking out a few more too. You're completely right about BU, it's perfect. BMC is perfect. Hope you get what you want and what you feel is right!

Matt said...

That looks quite familiar! Apparently it's all of Asia?