Saturday, December 13, 2008

Trip Stats so far

Since we are coming up on the halfway mark, I thought I would post some fun trip statistics.

We have been in 13 countries, 15 if you count a short layover in England and an overnight layover in South Korea.

We have taken 14 major train rides. The number is 20 if you include really lengthy commuter rails. This doesn't count short commuter rails, subways or anything like that.

We've ridden 2 ferries, although we rode one of them about eight times.

We've taken 12 enormous bus rides, some overnight--17 if you count really long "local" bus rides to nearby cities.

We took our 16th flight today, 17 if you count a 'diverted to Scotland, sit on the Tarmac while Ryan Air gets its mechanical act together', flight.

And, most impressively, we've switched beds 47 times (having used 46 beds, since we visited my uncle twice)!

No wonder we get tired sometimes.

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