Thursday, December 04, 2008

Vietnamese Water Park

We had a blast today. We played ALL day long at this water park that was FULL of 1000-2000 (not exaggerating) children on a school trip. We were definitely the celebrities with hundreds of children yelling "Hello!" and waving when we walked past. When we walked from slide to slide, we were walking through a sea of small Vietnamese children who were all shouting to us...we were doing a parade wave and trying not to step on them. The good news about the mass trip was that all the "adult" slides (anything for people over about 3 ft) were completely EMPTY!! We literally ran up the stairs as fast as we could and went down probably 60 runs of the 12 different slides. By the time we got back to our place we were/are both EXHAUSTED...but we had a really fun time.

There's something really cool about being in a water park that is literally surrounded by jungle. Feels a little more "authentic" if that's possible!

Here's a description from the website of our favorite slide, the "Black Thunder"...

"Exactly as its name, the dark inside of the hole combined with laser special effects will give you the extreme excitement as your feelings change continuously and suddenly"

Gotta love translation!

.PS - The photos are from the website, not our camera.

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