Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Flashback: Christmas #2

We got to pretend we were home for Christmas. This helped us feel sorry for ourselves only minimally.

We talked on the phone to my family's Christmas Eve party for an hour, and then Trina's family party for an hour as well. Her family sings a Danish Christmas Song (I cannot spell it)--pronounced "New Harve (soft r), yule-i-gan (like hooligan)" and dances around the tree in concentric circles. My father in law (Ron) held the computer and we got to join in the dance. We loved it!

We also got to talk to our families again on Christmas day, and I had the chance to talk to my sister who was in California with her in-laws. Our parents got through it, and so did we, none the worse for the wear. We wondered how it would go, and although we had pangs of sadness, we really made something out of it (and ate way too much dessert, but still way less than we would have).

It's strange to be away for Christmas, but it must be remembered what a gift it is that we are away. We are traveling around the world, for goodness sake!

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