Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Flashback: Hoi An

Hoi An is a coastal town, charming, smaller and in the southern part of central vietnam. It is about thity five kilometers south of Da Nang, a famous landing place for many American soldiers.

The old town is a UNESCO world heritage site, chock full of tailors, french architecture, shops, cafes and pagodas. That sounds more European than it is--the streets are completely fallen apart, it is gritty in many ways, and there is dust and mud everywhere. But it is very charming, nonetheless. Some of the surrounding areas are cleaner and nicer, but with a little less character. Even though many westerners stay in these outlying areas (not us, we don't have that kind of money!), they still end up spending their time in the old town.

We've spent about 12 days in Hoi An. It has been a great chance to relax, recover from our sickness, celebrate Christmas and New Years, and to just check out for a while. It rained a LOT here, and so we have not even seen the nearby beach...but that is just as well. We have plenty of beach time coming up in Thailand.

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