Thursday, January 08, 2009

Flashback: My Generous In-laws

When I was accepted to Harvard while staying in Malaysia, my dear in laws arranged to have champagne sent to us.

Well, they tried at least. I think they spent like an hour on the phone, trying to work it out. First, Malaysia is a Muslim Country, and so alcohol, though it is sold, isn't exactly easy to find. And then there is the language barrier. Our front desk transferred them to the concierge (our only concierge on this trip yet, I think), and he transferred them to the restaurant, who transferred them to the front desk.

Nobody would tell him our room number, but they refused to do anything for us without the room number. So he was stuck. He said he didn't care what the room number was, he'd just give them our names, and they could give the gift to us. He'd be sure to pay all they needed to arrange this.

Ron finally thought they had it clear, but then they repeated his instructions back to them. "Okay sir, we go into Ron Davis room and take a bottle of wine from them" (his champange ambition had long been given up).

Never mind, he said, having racked up what was likely an epic phone bill.

Ah well, it's the thought that counts. What great inlaws I have. Really, what a great life I have. A wonderful wife. I trip around the world. Great law schools accepting me, and I have good inlaws. Somebody pinch me!


Ann said...

Thank you Ron.

Matthew and Lisa said...

And you've got me! Haha... Hope you continue to update your blog when you get home - checking and reading it is now a regular part of my evening routine! :) Love you both.