Sunday, January 11, 2009

Flashback: Sick in Vietnam

My poor wife. Two years ago she puked her brains out on Christmas Eve.

This year, in our favorite town, she did it again, although a few days before Christmas. She woke up early in the morning, doubled over in pain, and had to spend a lot of time caughing up indescribable substances produced by the gall bladder. She said it felt like her throat was reaching down into her bowels in search of something to produce.

I caught the same illness, but didn't end up vomint. Just laying in bed, groaning, in abject pain. It wasn't fun. We got some DVD's, mostly Smallville (I know, it's ridiculous) and West Wing. We watched about fifty nearly hour-long episodes.

We ended up moving hotels for our last few days, which wasn't so bad, as the second was closer to a dependable restaurant, no where near worms or snakes (which was nice to not see when you are sick). Our sicknesses both morphed into nasty head colds (much better than a stomach bug, though!), and we paralleled each other from there on in our healing.

It has actually been pretty nice being sick and doing nothing (well, not nothing, but way less than we would have) for a couple weeks. It helped us hunker down for Christmas. We've really had a break because of it, and I'm pretty grateful for that.

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