Friday, January 02, 2009

The Market of Hanoi

In this market, next to many herbs and such, you found a large number of items I'm not used to seeing. Large moving bags, full of live frogs. Tens of thousands of miniature crabs (I wonder if they even have any meat). Lots of half fillteted fish. Sheep brains. Worms. A huge vat of garter sized snakes, a slithering cesspool of spinal shivers. And that's just the fifteen meters in each direction from our hotel door. This market is unlike others as well, as people simply sit on the side of the street--no stalls, or anything like that.

Sheep brains.
3 kinds of snails, moving crabs and fish.
The bag on the left contains jumping frogs. The middle bowl and right bucket are both full of snakes.

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