Monday, January 05, 2009

Same Same

There is a phrase that is used in Vietnam, with great frequency.

"Same, same but different." Also, "same same." Should be written same-same. Two syllables of the same same word.

You seet it memorialized on shirts, it is such a part of the experience here. It is also used in completely unrelated experiences, when viewed from this American's perspective.

My favorite is the response from others when you say it. I can be standing among a group of people, discussing, say, the way a coat fits, and say "Same same" ...and everyone around me excitedly repets it. "Same, same." "Same, same." "Same, Same."

It's almost like pushing a button or pulling a cord on a see and say. I haven't fully picked up when this idiom is apropos, but I will...

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