Sunday, February 08, 2009

And We're Back!

They made a new nickel while we were gone. Did you know about this? It looks totally unlike old nickels. When the Starbucks lady handed me my change both Ron and I did a double take. I felt like a foreigner inspecting the cool new currency.

Anyway, we are back! Just for two weeks. This short intermission comes just before jungle trekking in Thailand and then our five weeks of service in Calcutta.

Biggest shock so far has been the downright frigid temperatures. Coming straight from an equatorial desert island with no electricity (and thus no AC) to 45 degree Seattle was let's just adjustment =).

I am really overwhelmed by surprising things being back. There is the same "Noise" phenomenon I experienced in Boston last time, along with absolute clothes paralysis. My old bedroom at my parents' house has a laundry basket of clothes from the week or so before we left. The first morning I seriously stared at this basket with 10 pairs of underwear completely immobilized by so many options. How do I pick out my underwear, let alone my shirt and pants? I considered continuing to wear trip clothes...but then I froze (literally) I returned to the laundry basket.

I'm hard at work tackling these issues and I'll be sure to update you as time allows. Expect more posts coming on both our island experience and the US in the next few weeks.

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Matt said...

I had the same experience with the nickel just this morning? I thought the cashier was handing me a Canadian nickel or something. You're not alone!