Thursday, February 26, 2009

Anticipating India

We fly to Kolkata (Calcutta) on March 3rd to begin our 5 weeks of service at Mother Teresa's Home for the Dying.

It will be a major departure from the rest of our trip for several reasons - we'll be in one spot over a month, we'll have a daily occupation, we'll be getting to know people over a relatively "long" period of time (more than a bus ride).

I'm really excited and a little nervous. Everyone we talk to that has just traveled in India is quick to say, "It is just so unlike anywhere else. It is loud, exciting, annoying, frustrating,'s India!" So, there's the entirely new culture part...and then of course there's the abject poverty...and then there's the people dying. It's hard to know how to prepare yourself for something like this.

Just wanted to update how I was feeling about it before I got there.

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