Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Cabin

My aunt and uncle have this great cabin in the woods at Fish Hawk lake nearish Vernonia.

They were generous enough to let my parents (Rick, Ann), us (Ron, Trina) and my sister and her husband (Scott, Amanda) use it for a weekend of intense family catch-up.

We had a fantastic time. It's wonderful going on a sort of retreat with your family, as there are few distractions to keep you from relating maximally. We had a series of really important, good talks, played games, laughed a lot, ate and drank too quite a bit too.

My brother in law Scott amazes me--he's the only person I've met that eats faster and sometimes more than my Dad and I (my sister is a pretty close second too). It may not be his or our most healthy trait, but it makes me smile nonetheless. He fits right in!


Christie said...

No way! My parents used to have a cabin at Fishhawk. We spent our summers alternating our weeks between there and home. Small world, eh? You wouldn't be talking about the Knowles family, would you? I know they have a cabin there as well.

Ron said...

No, not the Knowles, but I'm pretty sure my aunt and uncle know them...weird.