Monday, February 23, 2009

Destination: Buda & Pest

The capital of Hungary (Budapest) was originally two cities on opposite sides of the Danube - Buda and Pest. The areas retain distinct names and have distinct personalities. Buda houses the really old stuff - medieval era, etc and the really expensive hotels. Pest houses the not quite as old stuff along with most of the government buildings and the "hip" culture.

The castle in Buda was originally built in the 1200's. The oldest part of the castle standing today was from the 14th century. Buda pictures here.

Pest houses the bulk of the city of Budapest and is much more "Western European" than we expected given its location. The architecture, food and customs reminded us much more of Vienna than Prague or Krakow. Enough history lesson, just look at the pictures.

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Kim said...

oh how I miss Hungary, your pictures make me want to cry.... *sniff sniff*